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Rules for WWII Miniature Games

Jagdpanzer 2nd Edition is a set of rules for playing World War II miniature games. The rules are scalable so that you can use micro armor up to 15mm miniatures for your games. Artillery and strafing templates are included for Micro Armor, 10/12mm and 15mm scales.

A tank or vehicle miniature represents a single tank or vehicle. A stand of infantry figures typically represents a squad. Jagdpanzer is a game of companies and platoons. A standard tank platoon is 3-5 tanks. An infantry platoon usually consists of 3-5 infantry stands. The infantry stands can be of any size as long as they are consistent between forces.

Players can easily control company size formations. With experience players can control multiple companies up to battalion size formations.

The rules contain data charts for all the major combatants of WWII including France, Belgium, Poland, Hungary and Romania.

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Jagdpanzer 2nd Edition

Rules for WWII Miniature Games

Jagdpanzer is a game of platoons and companies. Players can easily command company sized formations. The rules are scalable from micro armor to 15mm figures.

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